Ngon Villa Hoi An: Where to Find Us

Down an alleyway, off of Bach Dang street and right next to Thu Bon River, sits one of Hoi An’s finest restaurants.

Cut up by canals, the architecture and style of this ancient port is a colorful mix of Chinese, French, Japanese and Vietnamese style, full of shophouses, temples, colonial buildings and ornate tube houses. Nestled inside a beautiful and well-kept 19th century French house is Ngon Villa, offering an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience in one of the finest buildings in town.

As our fantastic building is hidden away from the thoroughfare of the busier parts of Hoi An, it can sometimes be a challenge to find it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of directions for hungry travelers.

Where to Find Us

You’ll find Ngon Villa down alley 12, off of Bach Dang street. While public transport in Hoi An may be limited, you’ll likely be experiencing the city on foot or by Grab bike.

In order to find us on foot, head to Bach Dang street. If you pass Hoang Dieu bridge on your left (with the river on your left) look out for alley 12 on your right. If you pass it on your right, you’ve gone too far. Once you’ve found alley 12, walk an easy 50 metres down to number 12.

Similarly, if you head here by Grab bike or taxi, ask for alley 12, Bach Dang, then walk down the alleyway to number 12. Once you’re there, Ngon Villa will be easy to spot. Our yellow 19th century villa is full of traditional Vietnamese lamps, beckoning you in for a lovely meal of traditional Vietnamese food.

Like all hidden gems, Ngon Villa Hoi An is worth the effort.

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