NGON VILLA has been a prominent name in serving exquisite and authentic Vietnamese food for years. With such overwhelming support from our guests in the first Ngon Villa restaurant in Hanoi, we were inspired to showcase more of our treasured recipes to many food lovers here and abroad, and spread them to other destinations across the country. The influence that the French left behind in most Vietnamese cities is undeniable. This mirrors in the lifestyle of the locals: the bicycles, the artistic berets, the simple yet scrumptious baguettes and the sophisticated architecture.

Our restaurants are situated in some of the best kept villas throughout the country. Restored to its former elegance and grandeur, each villa has a unique vibe of its own, beautifully complementing with the city’s architecture.

At Ngon Villa, we are proud to serve some of the best dishes and authentic Vietnamese specialties. Using the freshest ingredients from carefully-selected local farmers, we serve the specialties of each city, and add the other classics from the different parts of the country in our menu. We offer an exclusive all-you-can-eat menu with small portions to allow you to taste as many dishes as possible (and repeat them, if you so desire!) We also serve a wide variety of à la carte dishes, matched with world-class wine and cocktail list.

Should you wish to expand your Vietnamese culture experience, our chefs would be glad to teach you how to cook authentic Vietnamese food. At Ngon Villa, we offer cooking classes suitable for beginners and experts. With only a few hours from going to the market, picking your own ingredients to getting back to the kitchen and turning them into your own dish. Our chefs will tell you that cooking is not hard, but fun.

Ngon Villa is a member of the Viet Deli family, delivering authentic Vietnamese experiences in the following locations:


Vietnamese cuisine has been a hidden gem up until recently when more and more world-famous chefs tasted and verified it to be one of the most delicious food in the world. We believe in the tried secret recipes our grandmothers used; finely crafted recipes from all over the country, handed down from generation to generation. These are treasured recipes that have shaped our present cuisine.

From local farms to your table, we seek to deliver an unforgettable meal that mirrors the pride we hold for our cuisine.

We also understand that it’s very hard for travelers to discover most of our cuisine, and that ordering unfamiliar dishes can be intimidating. Our All-you-can-eat concept is tailored exactly for this purpose: allowing everyone to taste as many Vietnamese dishes as they can.

Whether it is your first time in Vietnam, or if you’re a regular visitor, Ngon Villa wants to make sure that by the time you leave our borders, you’ll already be planning for your return.