What is Ngon Villa?

At Ngon Villa, we want to highlight a cuisine that is rapidly growing in popularity on the world stage. Vietnamese cuisine is rich in flavor and rich in history, so when we deliver the best in traditional recipes to your table, we pour our hearts and our heritage into every dish.

We use the finest in locally farmed ingredients, handpicked by our expert chefs, using organic and free-range produce wherever it’s available. All of the chefs across each Ngon Villa restaurant are devoted to curating the finest recipes, passed down for generations, with as much affection and dedication as possible. That’s why, when our chefs source the freshest local ingredients, they do it with a dedication to their craft and their proud Vietnamese heritage.

We’re so determined to ensure everyone tries the range of sweet, sour and savory dishes available that we’ve created both all-you-can-eat and a-la-carte menus, where all of our food is made fresh and brought to your table. We’ve designed our all-you-can-eat menu to make sure you try as many of our dishes as possible, that’s why all of our portions are smaller than the average main course. The a-la-carte and set menus are there for customers looking to choose their favorite meals based on our seasonal recommendations.

The rich history of the buildings that we house ourselves in makes the perfect pairing for our menu of fine traditional Vietnamese cuisine. From the capital city of Hanoi to the stunning port cities of Danang and Hoi An, each Ngon Villa sits inside a beautifully preserved French colonial building. Whether it’s Hanoi’s former home of the French army captain, the French villa in Danang, with its red bricks and bamboo, or the 19th century French villa in Hoi An, adorned in a vintage décor, each restaurant promises to entice and impress.

The unique passion that Ngon Villa brings for both traditional Vietnamese food and colonial architecture proves to be an ideal marriage for authenticity and modernity. We’ve created an environment unlike anything else you’ll find in Vietnam, with an all-you-can-eat concept that allows you to discover the best in our country’s cuisine.

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