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Our Cuisine

Every day, Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more popular in many parts of the globe because of its fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and health benefits. From the sweeter flavors of the Chinese-influenced southern cuisine, to the powerful spice of the central dishes to the harmonious palates of the north, Vietnam truly is a haven for anyone seeking to have a gastronomical experience.

At Ngon Villa, we dedicate ourselves to providing this sensational experience to every guest that we serve, making sure that each of you will cherish these moments with us for the rest of your lives. Since everything is locally sourced and carefully handpicked, our team has devoted themselves in curating the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations. And with an abundance of dish options from the southern most islands of the country to the northern most border of the mountainous territory, Ngon Villa promises a complete historical experience, or a journey through time, from the moment you step inside our gates until the second you leave our courtyard.

Unlike many other Vietnamese restaurants in the country, what makes our Ngon Villa’s food so special is that it is the perfect representation of our centuries-old cultures and traditions, the intense passion for delectable food, and the Vietnamese nation coming together as one, with the goal of sharing the stories behind each dish that has been put together by our greatest ancestors.