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Passionate enthusiasts of both Vietnamese food and colonial architecture, Ngon Villa blends these two elements to devise an environment like no other: a delicious combination of elegant atmosphere and spectacular food. We want to be a part of the global conquest of Vietnamese cuisine, as well as to shine light on the country’s fascinating history through the wonderful architecture.

Up until quite recently, Vietnamese food has been overshadowed by other more well-known Asian cuisines, such as Japanese, Chinese and Thai. But we are at the dawn of a new era, as people across the world are beginning to appreciate the mouth-watering variety of Vietnamese food and the health benefits of the freshness that the cuisine employs.Vietnamese restaurants have started to pop up all over the world, even in the most unlikely places. But distinguishing authenticity isn’t always easy, as sometimes Vietnamese food in other countries can look the part, but taste completely different to what we actually eat here in Vietnam. We are against this idea, and believe that Vietnamese food should always reflect that which is eaten by local people. We believe in the quality of Vietnamese cuisine, and central to our concept is offering authenticity in every dish.

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Our nicest staffs are always looking forward to serving you the best Vietnamese cuisines at Ngon Villa - the world of Vietnamese local food.

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Find out all about us here at Ngon Villa - the best restaurant in the heart of Hanoi's local food street. From our beginnings to the food we use in our amazing menus.