NGON Villa – More Than Just Food

In a vast sea of mundane restaurants and overwhelming choices, NGON Villa offers what all tourists and food enthusiasts yearn for authenticity. NGON Villa serves as the gateway to culture, to eat well is to experience all the unique aspects of a country’s history, values, and traditions. Here at NGON Villa, Vietnamese food is more than a passing meal, it is an expression of Vietnam’s diverse culture.

NGON’s food is a fusion between the intricacy of French cuisine, mixed with the simplicity of Vietnamese culinary. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local markets, cultivated by salt of the earth, Vietnamese farmers and fisherman. It is NGON’s top chefs’ mission is to highlight the endless possibility of Vietnam’s food, pushing the limits of Vietnam’s culinary. Nowhere else can one find the simple act of eating to be a cultural experience.

Every NGON Villa is equipped to serve iconic food from all regions across Vietnam. From Hanoi’s famous Banh My, to Da Nang’s fresh and diverse choices of seafood, ending with Saigon’s must-have Che deserts, NGON captures the essence of Vietnam through its mastercraft menu. For the vegetarians, Vietnamese food with its deep roots in Buddhism offers a limitless choice of salads and rice cakes. You will find NGON Villa to be an inclusive place for all customers, both in our food and hospitality.

With an all-you-can-eat approach to dining, NGON encourages its customers to try out as many different styles of Vietnamese food as possible. Although each region of Vietnam offers a unique taste palate, through NGON’s excellent menu and our chefs’ experience in handling Viet’s ingredients, the full spectrum of possibility with Vietnamese cuisine is laid bare for all to experience.

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