A walking tour around Ngon Villa Hanoi

Ngon Villa Hanoi restaurant is situated in Hanoi’s main hub for street food Tong Duy Tan. But what to do after you’ve experienced all of Vietnam’s diverse cuisines? Here are a few of Hanoi’s iconic attractions right outside your doorsteps:

Vietnam Military History Museum: A 10-minute walk from Ngon Villa Hanoi lies one of Hanoi’s most prominent historical landmark. Vietnam Military History Museum captures the atrocity of war and conflict in Vietnam over millennia, with its’ most iconic red flag flying over the infamous Flag Tower of Hanoi, built in the 19thcentury. War planes and tanks are displayed prominently in the courtyard. Shockingly, a crashed fighter jet seems frozen in time, a shocking remnant of the past. Within, rows of wartime equipment stretches across the hall, from camouflage uniforms to bomb shells and torpedoes.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Located in Hung Vuong street, the mausoleum is another short 5-minute walk from the Military Museum. Here you’ll find the resting place for Vietnam’s founding farther, Ho Chi Minh. Adoring called Uncle Ho by Vietnamese ever since the country’s liberation, Ho Chi Minh is a symbol for Vietnam’s future, and a close reminder of its’ heroic past.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: Take a right near the History Museum and you’ll immediately see a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, right in the middle of Hanoi. What used to be the citadel city of 11thcentury Vietnam, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is know being excavated and restored to its’ former glory. Witness where a vibrant empire once stood, see the outlines of a city that was bursting with life hundreds of years ago.

Hoa Lo prison: A 8-minute walk from Ngon Villa Hanoi lies one of Hanoi’s darkest memory of a world long passed, Hoa Lo prison represents this country’s resiliency in the face of colonialism and invasion. Built by French soldiers to capture and imprison Vietnamese activists, Hoa Lo prison has now been restored to showcase the atrocities that the people of Vietnam had to endure. Cold and dark prison cells, disturbingly hollow and empty, will send chills through your spine, as you walk the path that so many before had unwillingly taken.

Hoan Kiem lake: Take a 10-minute drive or a 20-minute walk from Ngon Villa Hanoi. The myths and legends of this lake has been passed down from one generation of Vietnamese to another. Ask anyone walking by this historic lake and you’ll get the exact story of an old Vietnamese King, a magical sword bestowed by the gods, and a mythical turtle, the god protector of Vietnam. Hoan Kiem lake is surrounded by historical sites, the old quarters, and traditional pagodas. To walk around Hoan Kiem lake is to walk through the historical cycle of Hanoi city.

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