Chefs’ top 5 and guests’ top 5 at Ngon Villa Hanoi

Vietnamese cuisine is blessed with a broad range of choices, but this can often be a little intimidating for anyone visiting on holiday. Fortunately, we’ve got an all-you-can-eat menu available, where diners can try as many dishes as they like, with small portion sizes to ensure you can indulge in Vietnam’s variety. If that’s still too intimidating, however, we present a shortlist of our finest dishes handpicked by our chefs and our customers.

Chefs’ choice

Southern deep-fried spring rolls

It’s true that no two dishes are the same in Vietnam, but the difference from north to south is staggering and although often subtle, the minor alterations to classic recipes make all the difference. We’re yet to find a more poignant example of this than the delicate and crisp southern style spring rolls, which make for an excellent variation on the northern classic.

Grilled oysters with spring onion salsa/with salted egg

Our grilled oysters have a unique smoky taste, which, combined with the flavors of spring onion salsa or salted egg, creates an essential dish for our all-you-can-eat menu.

Caramelized clams with crispy garlic

Our world-class chefs have chosen their indulgent, succulent caramelized clams as one of their favorite dishes, and we can see why. Paired with crispy garlic, this unique dish shows off the culinary skills of our kitchen in a fusion between tradition and modernity.

Char-grilled prawns

A dazzling array of traditional herbs and spices are added to this favorite of Vietnamese cuisine. Particularly popular throughout the country on hot days, but delectable any time of the year, the char-grilled prawns are a must.

Sweet and sour banana blossom salad with shredded chicken

The unique flavors of banana blossom lend themselves perfectly to the diverse taste of shredded chicken. Once you taste it, you’ll find yourself aching for more banana blossom salad – a delicacy native to Vietnam.

Guest’s choice

Marinated green papaya and dried beef salad

You’ll find green papayas in abundance throughout Vietnam, but this pairing is quite unique to Ngon Villa. While it does contain dried beef, the salad remains light and moreish, bringing not just a blend of flavors, but also textures to this popular classic.

Sweet and sour stir-fried red tilapia

Our fresh water fish dish takes on typical Vietnamese flavors while it’s fried with a mix of herbs and spices.

Grilled oysters with spring onion salsa/with salted egg

We grill our oysters fresh from the sea, waiting patiently for them to pop open. This ensures the smokiest of flavors, which in turn pair wonderfully with our spring onion salsa or salted egg.

Smoked beef in a clay pot

Cooking meats in a clay pot and harboring the flavors of many meals within is a traditional cooking technique in Vietnam. The smoked beef is almost caramelized, so tender you’ll barely need a knife and so delicious you may want to consider ordering two.

Crispy rice pancake with local herbs

This dish is popular with everyone in Hanoi, and because it was inspired by French cuisine, you’ll find crispy rice pancakes cooked everywhere from street food stalls to high-end restaurants. We still add a unique touch to ours though, making it a sure-fire success for anyone with taste buds.

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