Meet Executive Chef Thien, The Master Chef Behind Viet Deli

Chef Thien is a young man passionate about his culture, and, more than anything, the cuisine that is so deeply embedded within it.

“We want to introduce the world to Vietnamese culture,” Chef Thien explains, “it’s a culture that has its own unique, traditional traits.”

Thien continues to explain that, rightly or wrongly, people have a certain idea of Vietnamese cuisine that he is looking to change. “The view from international guests and customers,” he states, “is that they perceive all Vietnamese cuisine to be street food, but it can be incredibly simple, incredibly diverse and, also lively and exciting.”

Guests will often want to experience Vietnamese cuisine like a local, to gain an authentic experience, and this is something that Thien is trying to encourage. He explains that he wants their experience “to be like a close friend visiting our home” and to show them the connection between culture and cuisine. Thien believes this is “how they can enjoy food in a traditional way.”

Thien explains that, for him, this is one of the many benefits to working with Viet Deli. A major part of Viet Deli’s mission is to share an unmatched passion for Vietnamese cuisine. “That’s what makes the company so unique,” Thien explains, “the company’s goal is to spread this traditional food across the world.”

This is, he believes, what makes Viet Deli the ideal working environment for him to embody the values of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. “The company’s vision is to promote traditional Vietnamese products,” Thien explains. “After three years of working here, I can see that it’s a dynamic company, which provides the ideal working environment for young people like me, who have a different idea of hospitality, particularly restaurants and customers.”

Thien admits that this is a part of the challenge for the company. It’s a highly ambitious idea, to promote traditional Vietnamese cuisine across the world, whilst trying to support a young and dynamic work force, with chefs like Thien. As Chef Thien admits, however, it is a worthwhile goal.

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