In Conversation with Chiến, Manager at Ngon Villa Hoi An

At just 22, Chien, originally from Hanoi, has become one of Viet Deli’s youngest and most essential cogs. “I’ve only been working at Viet Deli for two years and six months,” Chien explains, “I was just a student when I came to Ngon Villa in Hanoi, looking for a part-time job to support myself through my studies.”

Though he may have only been young at the time, Chien’s ambition and charm caught the eye of Ngon Villa, and later Viet Deli’s, management team. It was clear that Chien wanted more than just a part-time job, but a chance to develop and learn at the same time. “I was given the opportunity to develop my skills,” Chien explains, “along with a chance to improve my language abilities, develop my knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, and making new friends along the way.”

Following two successful years at Ngon Villa in Hanoi, where Chien’s ambition shone through in everything he did, he was put forward for the position of Assistant Manager at Viet Deli’s new Ngon Villa project in Danang. “Though initially I was happy to receive the role, I felt nervous, and unsure as to whether I would be able to succeed in this position. I knew, however, that I would have to embrace some of the energy of my youth and come at the role with a bit of tenacity.”

It quickly became clear that Chien’s concerns were unfounded, as he excelled in the role, clearing the way for ever greater challenges. Following just six months of working as Assistant Manager for Ngon Villa in Danang, Chien was promoted to Manager at Ngon Villa in Hoi An. “The promotion was fantastic,” Chien tells us, “I gained a new level of excitement for my job, really boosting my happiness.”

Chien concludes by explaining that he’s taken a lot from each destination he’s worked in, “by changing my environment every now and then, I’ve managed to learn a lot. Each destination has its own culture, I’ve made lots of friends and learnt many lessons along the way too.’”

At such a young age, having already achieved so much, it’s exciting to see what more Chien will be bringing to Ngon Villa, and what else he may achieve in the future.

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