Exploring the Neighborhood Around Ngon Villa, Danang

Ngon Villa graces one of Danang’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Sandwiched between the ocean and the Han River, it makes a great central location to explore the serene streets of Danang. You’ll come across an abundance of the city’s heritage buildings when exploring Danang by foot. Historic pagodas and old French colonial buildings are found throughout the city, along with natural highlights like Danang’s tranquil beaches and lush protected forests.

My Khe Beach

Sitting around the corner from Ngon Villa is the stunning white sands and crystal-clear waters of My Khe Beach. Once listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s ‘most luxurious beaches,’ My Khe caters to everyone, from sun-seekers to water sports enthusiasts.

East Sea Park

Many cities across Vietnam have little to offer in terms of greenery, but Danang boasts a variety of verdant, open spaces. East Sea Park is a great example of this. Nicknamed ‘Love Park’ for reasons that are obvious as soon as you step inside, Easy Sea Park is one of the many breathable parts of Danang, where you can, for a moment at least, forget you’re in a city of 1.1 million people. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy the sun or take part in one of life’s natural forms of entertainment: people watching.

Love Bridge Danang

Just because the previous park was known as ‘Love Park’ and this bridge is known as ‘Love Bridge’, it doesn’t mean that Danang is an exclusively romantic destination. Though it does look exceptionally nice at night and few can fail to feel the weight of love that hangs in the air on summer evenings in Danang.

Like bridges in Paris, Moscow, China and parts of the US, this bridge has become a destination for ‘love locks’, where couples ‘safeguard’ their love by attaching a lock to the bridge. If you’re with someone you love, come along and attach a lock. If you’re not, come along and scowl and those who are. Either way, it’s a nice bridge and well worth the walk.

Dragon Bridge

While it may be a bit of a walk away from Ngon Villa, it is a must-see attraction in Danang and you’ll want to make your way over there. Measuring 666 meters in length and resembling a very long golden dragon, Dragon Bridge has already captured the hearts of many an Instagrammer.

The bridge is a great place to visit any time of day, though for a particularly spectacular visit, you should head there in the evening. When it gets dark, the bridge is lit with LED lights and on weekends and during festivities the dragon breathes fire or spits water from its mouth from at 9pm.

Cham Museum

Though the Cham Museum is a little further away from Ngon Villa, if you’ve made your way across the Dragon Bridge, you’re right around the corner from it, in which case, it’s worth a visit. The Cham people, an indigenous culture to Vietnam, have roots dating back to 192 AD. The Cham Museum is a space dedicated to showcasing this culture and houses the largest exhibition of Cham sculptures in the world.

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