Where to Have Lunch in Hoi An

Whether it’s a hearty bowl of noodles or a conventional western sandwich, Hoi An has your lunch covered. At our Ngon Villa, we serve a special all-you-can-eat menu, where our dishes are prepared fresh to order and our portions are smaller than a whole meal – perfect if you want to try a bit of everything for lunch.

 Mi Quang

While noodles for breakfast may seem like an odd choice for many westerners, in Vietnam it’s the go-to dish. In Hoi An, no breakfast noodle is more popular than mi quang. That doesn’t mean that they’re an exclusive breakfast dish though – a nice bowl of mi quang will often be pushed back to lunch.

What makes mi quang such a suitable breakfast or lunch dish though? Well, this bowl is perfectly crafted with thick cut mi quang noodles, a great balance of softness and chewiness, and covered with many delicious toppings, like pork, fresh lettuce, mint, and boiled quail eggs.

Banh My

You can’t say lunch in Vietnam without saying banh my. At first glance this is just a sandwich but in reality it is a lot more than that. This French inspired meal can come with a range of fillings, including egg, pate, chicken, pork, and each one is chock full of fresh vegetables and herbs.

At Ngon Villa in Hoi An, we’re very proud of our local ingredients, with all of the finest greens and meats delivered fresh to us by local farmers. That’s why we’ve called our dish ‘banh my Quang Nam’ – to show off all of the fresh produce that goes into it.

Hau Chien Gion

Located right on the sea, Ngon Villa Hoi An is able to source all seafood straight from the ocean. So, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include at least one seafood dish. Our hau chien gion (deep-fried crispy oysters) are a perfect example. The chewy oysters enjoy a perfect balance of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Cao Lau

No trip to Hoi An would be complete without trying a bowl of cao lau, because if you leave, you’ll never be able to try cao lau again! Yes, other places may have fake cao lau, but if it isn’t made with the waters from Hoi An’s famous Cham wells, then it isn’t real cao lau. This dish does everything a perfect lunch dish should: fills you up with great food, leaving you satisfied until dinner.

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