Signature Dishes of Hoi An’s Ngon Villa

Hoi An is a city brimming with tradition and history, where its multicultural influences can be seen everywhere, from the wooden Chinese shop houses to its colorful French colonial buildings. Inside one of these grand old French homes sits Hoi An’s Ngon Villa, where fresh, locally farmed ingredients are mixed to create exquisite meals.

In Hoi An’s food, you’ll find an array of different influences and in Ngon Villa, you’ll find a unique take on them. Fortunately, at Ngon Villa, we have an all-you-can-eat style menu with all of our dishes made fresh to order, giving you the opportunity to try the best of everything.

Banh xeo mien trung: Da Nang rice pancakes with seafood

Being a port city, seafood comes as a matter of pride for those living in Hoi An. Along with our fresh greens, picked by hand and provided by local farmers, we go out of our way to get all of our seafood from the ocean to your plate as quickly as possible. These savory pancakes are full of the tastiest locally sourced seafood, along with plenty of those healthy greens.

Tom chien mam: stir-fried prawns with ‘mam’ sauce

Our prawns come straight from the ocean to our restaurant before being stir fried and served with a traditional ‘mam’ sauce. While the idea of stir-fried prawns may not be anything new to many diners, the traditional dipping sauce that they’re served with will be. ‘Mam’ sauce is a sweet and sour fish sauce, which plays the perfect partner to meat and fish dishes.

Vit nuong lu: grilled duck in herbal marinade

As a bustling port and central location for spice trade, Hoi An took many influences from its visitors. While the Chinese may have left a while ago, their duck stayed and maintained a prominent position in Vietnamese cuisine. Our grilled duck adds a Ngon Villa twist to the traditional duck recipe, grilled and combined with fresh herbs for a succulent dish.

Ngao nuong mo hanh: grilled clams with spring onion salsa

For this meal, we’ve taken another Hoi An specialty, our localy sourced grilled clams, straight from the ocean and added a refreshing twist: our chef’s special spring onion salsa.

When it comes to our grilled clams, we like to emphasise simplicity, we don’t want to take away from the fantastic tastes provided by the sea, so we let the clams do the work and compliment them with our very special spring onion salsa.

Che me den sua dua: sweet black sesame soup

Che – the quintessential Vietnamese dessert – is the perfect end to a meal. It can be light and refreshing when eaten cold with ice, or hearty and wholesome when eaten warm. Che can come with a range of ingredients, from the sweet (like jelly) to the unconventional (like beans and sweet potato). At Ngon Villa Hoi An, however, we like to go for a sweet black sesame.

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