6 Reasons Why Viet Deli is the Perfect Choice for a Tet Party

When it comes to a Tet holiday party, there are a few boxes that need ticking. Good food and quality drinks are a must. Great atmosphere and suitable spaces are an important bonus. Fortunately, across all of our Viet Deli restaurants, we’ve got the ingredients to throw a roaring and memorable office party.

Here are six reasons why Viet Deli makes the perfect choice to welcome the turn of the lunar new year with your colleagues.

1.     Private rooms of all sizes, from intimate to extravagant

Whether it’s a small celebration with a few close colleagues, a big show of appreciation for business partners, or a lavish romp for an entire company, our restaurants have got you covered.

You can book a party of almost any size with Viet Deli, from the intimate 8 guest rooms at The Chopsticks in Saigon, to larger parties in our 40-guest rooms in Home Moc, Hanoi.

2.     Traditional Vietnamese cuisine

Tet is a Vietnamese holiday so why eat anything but Vietnamese food? We pair traditional Vietnamese cuisine and modern cooking techniques for every dish, with ingredients bought free range and fresh from local farmers wherever possible. You can rest easy knowing that, when you choose a Viet Deli restaurant for Tet, you’ll be served traditional Vietnamese meals, handcrafted by our chefs, drawing upon recipes passed down by generations.

3.     Historic buildings and fantastic décor

From the former residence of the Vice President of the South Vietnam Government before 1975 to the beautifully preserved French villas that make up our Ngon Villa restaurants, we take pride in offering the finest in stylish heritage dining experiences. Need photos of your team enjoying the festivities? The Viet Deli restaurants provide the perfect backdrops.

4.     Private floors for large groups

 While some of our private rooms can offer functions for up to 40 people, sometimes that’s simply not enough. For bigger parties, you may want to consider one of our many expansive floors for your office party. We’ve got a full range available, from capacity for 55 people in Saigon’s Home Finest, 60 in Home Moc, Hanoi, 40 in The Chopsticks, Saigon, 50 in Home, Hoi An, and 60 in Ngon Villa, Danang.

5.     Expert staff

Any Tet holiday party will have a few concerns surrounding it. If everything doesn’t go just right, you never know what could be in store for you the following year. Fortunately, our expert staff are on hand to make sure nothing goes awry. Thanks to our well-oiled team of waiters, seasoned chefs, and professional planners, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing we’ve got everything covered.

6.     Handpicked wines and expertly crafted cocktails

We’ve got the finest in professional sommeliers and masterful bartenders to produce the best celebratory drinks list around. You can choose from imported wines on our wine list, paired to suit your meal, or a signature cocktail from our cocktail list. We’ve got an innovative selection available, like our signature Saigon at Night or the Legend Coffee cocktail.

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