Planning a Party for New Year’s Eve?

When it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, we understand that not everyone likes the same thing. Some people will relish in a roaring party, while others enjoy a more modest celebration. With a combination of our festive menus and a range of private rooms and floors, we’ve ensured that there’s something for everyone in Hanoi, Hoi An, Danang, and Saigon.

With a range of upscale private dining rooms across our Home, Ngon Villa and The Chopsticks restaurants, and an array of menu options including wines and signature cocktails to choose from, you’ll be able to ring in the New Year in style. We also have expert staff that take great pleasure in helping you curate the perfect party on hand to make sure 2018 is seen off without any problems.

We’ve got an exclusive menu running for the festive season. From 15th December 2018 to 31st January 2019, diners can indulge in a special 7-course menu, which includes lobster cooked just the way you like it and an additional 90-minute free flow drinks package also available. For those interested in something a little different, you can dine on the set menu that Dmitry Medvedev had during his visit to Home Mộc restaurant earlier this year.

Home Finest Saigon

This renovated art deco style villa is the perfect location for a chic New Year’s Eve party draped in class. The dark, earthy tones and navy hues make Home Finest one of the most tastefully decorated places to throw a New Year’s bash in Saigon, with floors of intimate balconies, terraces, secluded enclaves, relaxing water features, and lush greenery, a party here can be bold yet personal. We have private rooms with a capacity of 30 guests, private floors, which can accommodate 55 guests, and a full restaurant for up to 100.

Home Moc Hanoi

At Home Moc, we’ve taken a classic villa and maintained all of its rich personality to bring an elegant dining and party experience. While the design may be French, Home Moc lives and breathes a Hanoi personality, with striking wooden design and furnishing. Throwing a bash at Home Moc is a guaranteed success, with private rooms able to accommodate small groups of 10 to larger teams of 40. Private floors ca accommodate 60 people, and the full restaurant can hold up to 180 guests.

The Chopsticks Saigon

The story of The Chopsticks couldn’t be more unique. Once the home of Mr Tran Van Huong, the Vice President of the Southern Vietnamese Government before 1975, The Chopsticks has maintained many of the original features of the villa. Visitors are met by wrought iron gates and windows and a garden entrance, followed by a sweeping staircase, earthy timber, and copious natural light.  Private rooms at The Chopsticks are personal, with 4 rooms of up to 8 guests each, along with long tables and enclaves. The private floors are open and can accommodate up to 40 guests, while the full restaurant can seat up to 140.

Home Hoi An

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or grand celebratory banquet, Home does a great job of making you feel, well, at home. Nestled away in a stunning terraced house, well preserved for over a century, Home Hoi An is bathed in historic architectural features for feelings of tradition and homeliness. The authentic mood combined with the feeling of home makes Home Hoi An a perfect destination for parties, with a private floor able to accommodate 50 guests.

Ngon Villa, Danang

As an important French port in central Vietnam during the 19th century, it became awash with colonial buildings like catholic cathedrals and French villas. Sadly, very few still remain today. Ngon Villa sits inside one of the surviving French villas, and the Ngon Villa residence stands as beautiful as ever. A mix of red brick, bamboo, and lacquered wood make a novel east-west fusion. This charming residence has private rooms with the capacity to hold up to 40 guests, private floors for up to 60 guests, and a full restaurant for 180 guests.

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