Viet Deli: The Leading Upscale Vietnamese Restaurant Group

At Viet Deli, our family is big, but our vision is simple: outstanding Vietnamese cuisine, with one foot in the past and the other striving toward the future. With such a clear vision, it is easy to see why our restaurants are able to maintain such a consistent character throughout the country.

Each one of our restaurants has a clear and consistent design, with a shrewd eye for detail and a passion for historic preservation. Take The Chopsticks as an example: It was once the home of Mr Tran Van Huong, the Vice President of the Southern Vietnamese Government before 1975. At Viet Deli, we couldn’t see this slice of Vietnamese history go to ruin, so we decided to make it the residence for our hit restaurant The Chopsticks. We retained those beautiful wrought iron gates and windows, gorgeous garden entry, and sweeping staircase. Now, The Chopsticks is one of the most upscale restaurants in Saigon, and every diner who comes to visit us gets to experience this stunning piece of history.

This isn’t the end of our restoration projects though. All of our Ngon Villa and many of our Home restaurants are housed in beautifully maintained or restored French villas. Danang, an important port since the 19th century, has had heavy French influence, full of catholic cathedrals and French villas. Sadly, much of this beautiful architecture has now fallen away. But at Ngon Villa in Danang, we made it our mission to maintain one of these stunning French villas. We’ve created a charming East-West fusion with red brick, bamboo, and lacquered wood, ensuring a memorable atmosphere for every customer.

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine is a striking part of our personality here at Viet Deli. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, however, is not a one-size-fits-all term. We know that the difference between northern, central, and southern cuisine is vast, as demonstrated simply by the differences in a bowl of pho. We work closely with our highly trained local chefs to get the best out of local recipes, so customers will be able to have a bowl of bun cha in the north, cao lau in the center, and ca kho to in the south.

The defining factor of a Viet Deli restaurant, however, is the quality to which we make all of our food. Yes, it’s authentic. And yes, it delivers the taste of the region. But it’s the fresh local ingredients brought straight from the farmers and our chefs’ dedication to high-end cuisine that separates us from other Vietnamese restaurant groups.

When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise.

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